Money Breathwork™ is the catalyst to your next evolution.

In every aspect of your life (not just business - but that'll explode too).

But don't take it from me.

Take it from them 👇

Here is a growing list of the testimonials from Money Breathwork.

Every single person who breathes + takes the aligned actions they receive get results with Money Breathwork ™


Action is required.

But Money Breathwork gives you the aligned action. I call it the Higher Self to-do list.

These women below did just that.

Here are just a few examples for you below...

$10k in 10 days and becoming a leader in her niche

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Hit Launch Goal + $10k+ months

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Left her job of 10 years and is Confident AF

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A total value of: $71,110

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Hitting her highest months yet

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Consistent $10k Months that STICK

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Taking Targeted Action, manifesting leads, and feeling better than ever

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100% results GUARANTEED

If you Join and you’re you don't make your money back over the next 12 months, here's what we will do...

My mission is for your business to grow. Your

business growth is a reflection of you

getting your SOUL WORK out into the world and getting PAID for it. So if you show up, do the work, come to live workshops, participate in the group, breathe between live workshops, complete all programs, and STILL (I honestly DO NOT see this happening) don't cover your investment (aka make your money back), you will KEEP ACCESS until you do. This implies that you are taking the actions that you receive during the breathwork

.Money Breathwork on its own is not enough. You must be letting it guide your MOVES and taking action. That is a part of Money Breathwork. And we guarantee the experience will make you more money!

And yes... they keep going...

And more get added DAILY.

100% Rate of Yeses in Consultations + attracting aligned clients

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Best Months Yet with Ease and Flow

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A total value of: $71,110

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