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Meet the Founder of Money Breathwork.

I'm Alessandra Sollevare. Former psychotherapist, National Champion/All-American Softball Player, Best-Selling Author, and Mama of 4 under 7.

I hit low 6-figures 3 times before I realized I was stuck, had hit a glass ceiling and something needed to change if I wanted to have the impact I desired (and my sanity). The roller coaster of entrepreneurship was REAL. Up and down. Up and down. UP. AND. DOWN.

I founded Money Breathwork because it was what I needed. I had DEEP money trauma and limiting beliefs that no amount of mindset work seemed to clear. Using my breathwork facilitator certification, my 3+ years of experience as a Online Business Strategist, my degree in Social Work, and my kick-butt nature as a former collegiate athlete, I created Money Breathwork so that I could heal the beliefs in my body, expand into who I was meant to be, and impact a lot more people.

It worked so well [aka doubling my income in less than 6 months + increasing my monthly recurring revenue by close to 5000%], that I had to bring it to you. And here it is. My clients are OBSESSED.

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