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Alessandra hosts many Money Breathwork™ events both in person and virtual. Here you will find any in-person live events, virtual workshops [both free and paid], or upcoming speaking engagements where you can experience Money Breathwork and receive your next big breakthrough.

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The Soulful Business Mastermind

Tempe, Arizona - January 20, 2024

The Soulful Business Mastermind is a collaborative effort led by Alessandra, Jessica, and Masha. We are dedicated to empowering women like you to embrace their true calling, align their business with their soul, and achieve success while making an impact and money.

Coming Soon!

Activate your magnetism in your sales. Soul-centered launching, pricing, and messaging that feels GOOD and flows so easily. Fall in love with sales YOUR WAY. Design your offers straight from source, your SOUL. Step into embodiment of your work on the next level so “send me the link” is your new favorite (and most common) message in your inbox. This is the magic of Sales Alchemy. 


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