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Featured Activation:

Activate the Field for the Yes

[Sales Alchemy]

Inspired by the powerful experiences of our clients, this breathwork is designed to release expectations and connect you with those silently considering working with you. Just as you may have sent out links or messages, there are individuals thinking about saying yes to your offerings.

Through intentional breathwork, you'll access the energetic field, create a blissful tether with potential clients, and invite them into the yes frequency.

This breathwork isn't just a one-time tool; it's a daily practice to tap into the realms of predictable clients, the realm of possibility, and the realm of potentiality.

Surrender to the process, release expectations, and allow the right clients to be magnetically drawn to you.

Coming Soon!!

Unwavering Faith and Trust with Money

[Money Magnet]

Unlock the full spectrum of financial transformation and Elevate your breathwork experience by adding the "Unwavering Faith and Trust with Money" module to your journey. Dive deeper into the intricacies of your connection with money, exploring journal prompts that unveil the nuances of your beliefs and behaviors.

This is your guide to fostering a harmonious relationship with abundance, balancing both the spontaneous magic and intentional actions required for financial manifestation.

Embrace the synergy of unwavering trust and aligned actions – seize this opportunity to supercharge your transformational journey and invite abundance into every aspect of your life.

The Money Decision

[Money Magnet]

Supercharge Your Success and Embark on a thrilling journey to financial freedom with our game-changing the "Money Decision".

This module is your golden ticket to abundance
and your invitation to align your vibes with financial magic.

Elevate your energetic minimum at your own rhythm—monthly, weekly, or daily—and watch the universe respond. No more hustle pressure, just a sacred dance with prosperity.

No more constant pressure—just celebratory recalibrations and a magnetic pull towards more!

Your aligned financial journey starts now—click "Get it Here" and manifest your dreams effortlessly!

Let Money Flow

[Money Magnet]

Embrace prosperity with this breathwork - a 12-minute transformative journey that sparks financial abundance, clears energetic blockages, and aligns you with the unstoppable flow of wealth.

A guided meditation for daily abundance rituals, enhancing the power of your breathwork practice.

Don't miss this chance to redefine your relationship with wealth and step into your radiant financial future. Ignite the change and let prosperity effortlessly flow into your life! 🌬️💸✨

Send me the Link

[Sales Alchemy]

Elevate your sales game with the "Send Me the Link" breathwork – a transformative journey designed to turn your sales approach into pure magic.

Imagine speaking from the heart with authenticity, and activating a magnetic connection that has them eagerly saying "Send Me The Link". This practice shifts you from selling to inviting, attracting soulmate clients aligned with your offerings.

Ready to revolutionize your approach to selling? Dive into the power of "Send Me the Link" breathwork now!

Your Best Month Yet

[Money Magnet]

Ready to turn your aspirations into reality? Grab "Your Best Month Yet" package as the perfect companion to "Your Best Month Yet" breathwork.

Unlock a powerful guided meditation designed to amplify your manifestation, boost your confidence, and align your energy for success.

This transformative breathwork is your secret sauce to achieving unprecedented results! Don't miss out and embrace the best version of yourself! 🌈✨

Sales Magnetism Bundle

[Sales Alchemy]

Ready to elevate your sales game even further? This module is designed to infuse your sales energy with unwavering belief. Whether you're in the midst of a launch or gearing up for one, this session will help you hold the energy that your ideal clients are already present, eager, and ready to say yes.

Immerse yourself in the Sales Magnetism Bundle and watch as your sales journey becomes a thrilling adventure of self-discovery, conviction, and success.

Click the link below to secure your spot and unlock the transformative power of breathwork for unstoppable sales momentum!

Embrace the magic of sales alchemy and empower your journey to success! ✨

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My mission is for your business to grow. Your

business growth is a reflection of you

getting your SOUL WORK out into the world and getting PAID for it. So if you show up, do the work, come to live workshops, participate in the group, breathe between live workshops, complete all programs, and STILL (I honestly DO NOT see this happening) don't cover your investment (aka make your money back), you will KEEP ACCESS until you do. This implies that you are taking the actions that you receive during the breathwork

.Money Breathwork on its own is not enough. You must be letting it guide your MOVES and taking action. That is a part of Money Breathwork. And we guarantee the experience will make you more money!

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