Money Breathwork™ is an all-inclusive space.

Yes. We do a LOT of work with money. But we also know that so much MORE goes into making more money in your business that transcends the traditional money work.

We have created three CORE programs within the Money Breathwork space that give you everything you need to 2-10x your business THIS YEAR.

The CORE Money Breathwork™ Programs

Money Magnet

Money Magnet is a program to heal, deepen, and expand your relationship with money. It is turning up the dial on your money magnetism with your soul, your heart, your You-ness being the core piece. We unlock and reveal the money traumas holding your magnetism hostage and transmute them into pure possibility. 


Sales Alchemy

Activate your magnetism in your sales. Soul-centered launching, pricing, and messaging that feels GOOD and flows so easily. Fall in love with sales YOUR WAY. Design your offers straight from source, your SOUL. Step into embodiment of your work on the next level so “send me the link” is your new favorite (and most common) message in your inbox. This is the magic of Sales Alchemy. 


Being Big

Being Big targets and heals your Armors of Smallness, the limiting beliefs and programs that block your bigness. It is not about doing more, it is about claiming your space and magnifying your energetic pull on your ideal clients, on money, on business expansion through your powerful, heart-centered, soul-centered visibility. This is THE visibility and mindset program. Pulling the strategy out of you, not telling you what to do, but letting your soul lead. It’s time to OWN your bigness. 

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