The easy money mindset “switch” you’ve been looking for...

To ACTUALLY re-wire your limiting money beliefs...

And to break your negative patterns and cycles with money for good!

So here’s the thing…

You’re missing something when it comes to money.

I know that’s probably NOT what you want to hear but you’ve landed here for a reason and I believe it’s THAT one.

I also want to start this off by saying: 

This will be relevant to you no matter where you are in your current bank account, and is relevant to you if you not only want more, but you want it to come in a way that feels GOOD, that’s easy, that flows and that is aligned with who you are and the lifestyle that you want.

I will say you are in the wrong place if you don’t want to make more money in this way, so click away if this isn’t you.

You’re probably doing all the things you’ve been told.

You’ve been doing the money manifestation techniques.

You’ve been journaling like crazy, repeating your money intentions, writing them down daily, acting as if you already have them.

Visualizing. Creating vision boards. Meditating.

You’ve been reading all the books and when any new book comes out on money, you’re lined up, ready, first one to buy.

You’ve hired the coaches, bought the programs. Maybe you did them, maybe you didn’t even finish. But the intention was there because…

You know, 

you know you have something in your way of you living the life that you so deeply desire

A life that REQUIRES more money, 

and that you know feels RIGHT THERE for you. 

I like to call that being on the CUSP,

That’s what it feels like right?!

You are committed to breaking through your money blocks.

You are committed to creating THAT life.

I get it.

I sooooooooo get it.

Because so was I, my friend.

SO committed that I would wake up at 4 and 5 am when pregnant so that I could figure it out

So committed that I dropped thousands of dollars on coaching programs hoping that I would reveal the missing piece, the secret that other people knew that I didn’t. 

But something just wasn’t clicking the way that I wanted. And the truth was, I WAS missing something.

It just wasn’t what I thought it was.

It wasn’t what I thought it would be.

And today, you’re not only going to find out what it is, I’m going to give you an exclusive opportunity to experience it for yourself. 

Hi! I'm Alessandra Sollevare!

First, let me give a quick introduction so you know who you're talking to!

I'm a Worldschooling Mama of 4 kiddos under 8.

I'm the Founder of Money Breathwork™ [using the Sollevare Breathwork Method].

The revolutionary approach to using breathwork to not only heal your limiting money beliefs, but expand you into new REALMS of money creating safety in your nervous system to receive MORE, and to BE BIG!

I'm a former psychotherapist (Masters in Social Work), National Champion + All-American softball player, Best-Selling Author, International speaker and Experience Maker.

My husband, Stratton and I, travel the world with our four kids, Presley (8), Atlas (6), Maverick (4), and Lennox (1) homeschooling and sharing experiences of a lifetime.

Family is the MOST important thing to us.

Our core values are: FUN, freedom, and CONNECTION.

And we've finally built the life we loved because I found Money Breathwork™ two years ago.

As I started my entrepreneurial journey, I was pretty well aware of my “money programming”.

I didn’t truly know what that was, I didn’t really realize the ways that it would show up, but I knew it was there.

I had recently built a 6-figure therapy business pretty quickly (did I tell you I have my Masters in Social Work and use to be a psychotherapist?!).. I had been fully-booked out in a matter of months and was serving really awesome clients. It wasn’t the life that we wanted, so I shut my practice down and we decided to travel.

I joined the online space as a life coach when my first daughter was 9 months old.I started making a few thousand dollars a month and when my son was born, started taking it more seriously because I wanted my husband home from work.

Once I began to outearn him simply during naptimes, he quit his job and came home full time.

That was 7 years ago and we’ve been an intentional, conscious family ever since (now with FOUR kids all under the age of 8).

But I want to tell you more about those last 7 years because they are super important to why I am here with you now.

Up until a little over 2 years ago, they were HARD.

If you’re familiar with the phrase entrepreneurial roller coaster?Yup, that was me to a T.

After I brought Stratton home from work, I had my first 6 figure year. 

I was doing really well, but I’ll be honest, I was still constantly worrying about money. 

IF and when it was going to come through.

Not quite being able to make it into that space of freedom, ease, and certainty.

I thought I was on the upward trajectory after doing a TON of money mindset work, until 2019, our 5th year Wedding anniversary, 

I woke up with a double negative balance when doing my morning ritual of checking my bank accounts

Double. Negative.

Meaning both my personal and business bank accounts were in the red. On our anniversary. It was even our special 5-year anniversary where we were going to be opening up this box we had enclosed on our wedding day, to read letters and this whole fun thing.

I was NOT feeling fun.

I didn't know how I was going to pay rent at the end of the month.

How could I go from all this success, $10k months, 6-figure years, sold-out programs, 

 to struggling, scraping by, not knowing how I was going to pay rent?? Oh, and I was pregnant with our third kid at the time. 

I doubled down. Remember how I said I got up at 4am when I was pregnant in order to work on my money mindset? That was this time. I doubled down. 

I mindsetted myself back up again, gritted it out, hustled and hustled and was back at another 6-figure year again the next year. 

A very scrappy 6-figure year. 

Think I was done?

Most would think so.

Most would think if I did that much mindset work then my money blocks should be gone.

That I should be consistently growing and making more and more money and all my scarcity and fear and doubt would be gone.


Once again, a year later, I had had even a BIGGER year. I know. Amazing. (wooohooo!!)

And then once again…

I was back to being unsure how I was going to pay our bills at the end of the month. 

What the actual HECK?

See. Wanna know what my biggest money belief was?

Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster.

When I was a kid, we were millionaires. My dad was an entrepreneur. He made a lot of money.

We lived in a huge house on the hill in one of the most affluent cities in the US. 

Then we went bankrupt.

Lost it all.

But because my dad was a hustler, he had grit, he had determination…

He built it all back up again.

Only to be faced AGAIN with the possibility of bankruptcy when I was 20.

See the resemblance?

So did I.

Because I KNEW this in my brain that this was what I was programmed for.

I knew it for YEARS.

I knew when I was living it.

I knew when it was playing out in my own journey.

Up and down. Highest of highs. Then lowest of lows.

And no matter how much mindset work I did, I couldn’t reprogram the belief.

I could NOT make it stop happening.

I kept living it out.

It kept being my reality.

Until I did something different.

It was my last moment, February 2022, when I once again, didn’t know how we were going to make the bills at the end of the month. (I can’t even make this up).

I had just had another 6-figure year, and here I was, 2 months into the year, once again like WHAT?!

I knew I had to do something different.

This pattern of mindsetting and hustling and gritting it out to a 6-figure year just wasn’t working.

I was stressed all the time. I was worried. I was always thinking about my business and money.

I wasn’t the mom I had set out to be. I wasn’t the wife I had wanted to be.




So I did something different.

I had recently become certified as a breathwork facilitator and even though no one else was doing this…

I started using breathwork to deal with all these money beliefs.

The belief that it had to be hard to make money.

That I had to hustle.

That there was always the possibility of losing it.

That it had to be a roller coaster.

That I had to live in the struggle.

That it was always stressful.

[sound familiar?]

This was my "different".

No longer trying to change my thoughts in my mind.

But healing my beliefs in my body.

Because here’s the thing:

Your mind is a reflection of your body.

Your mind receives its beliefs and thoughts where they are coded in the body.

So why are we stuck doing mindset work, putting a bandaid on the limiting beliefs instead of going to the SOURCE.

The body.

Your money traumas, your money beliefs, your money programs don’t lie in your mind, my beautiful friend,

They are housed in and expressed through the body.

If your body and nervous system are wired for the stress, for the roller coaster,  for fear, for worry with money,

than that is NORMAL to them

And that is what you will experience.

The journey here is to create a new normal around money.

A normal where it gets to be easy and flow. 

A normal where you have certainty and trust in money.

A normal where you KNOW that it is coming, in higher and higher amounts.

And this has to happen through the body if you want to KEEP it. 

See I didn’t know that. 

I didn’t know I was putting a bandaid on my beliefs.

And I bet you didn’t know you were doing that either. 

I’ve created something for you to give this whole new "different" a try. 

It’s a 23-minute breathwork.

It’s JUST the beginning but my mission is to give you a mind-blowing experience that gets you HOOKED to doing this work in your body and making the switch from money MINDset work to Money Breathwork.

You can grab the breathwork for only $27.

You get lifetime access to it so you can breathe it again and again.

Every time will give you a different experience… if you let it.

Here are just SOME of the reactions after experiencing this breathwork:

I want you to experience it too. 

You might have this question: But can’t I just do this on my own, Alessandra?

I thought so.

So let me share a little something with you.

Not at all breathwork is created equal if you want to be doing this specific work.

I’m talking healing and expanding with MONEY. (there is breathwork of ALL KINDS). 

Look we know breathwork is beneficial.

We know that it's going to help you. We know the health benefits.

We know the healing benefits.

But if you want to break through into new money paradigms,

then you have to do breathwork with this SPECIFIC intention and honestly,

Money Breathwork is the only place to get that. 

Here’s an awesome quick example:

A few months ago I wanted to start doing more breathwork before bed [it was before I had the bedtime breathworks inside the Money Breathwork™ Vault].

I had been doing it consistently in the mornings or during naptimes of my kids. (and oftentimes WITH my kids), But I wanted to do more before bed.

For a few nights, I just did some breathwork without listening to any of my Money Breathwork™ journeys. Just doing my breath, for 10+ minutes or so.

It was great! I loved it. I felt better. Fell asleep super fast.

The next night I thought - hmm I could breathe any of my breathworks and just do them a little slower. So I put on a breathwork from my program Upgrade Codes. (also available for On-Demand Purchase)

The moment I started breathing I got cold.

Same bed. Same covers and sheets. Same temperature in the room. Same me. Same everything.

And yet I suddenly got cold.

When you’re in a breathwork session and you get cold, it means you are butting up against something you are afraid of. 

You’re bumping up against your edge, usually an edge of expansion (or necessary healing).

I didn’t tell you this before, but I didn’t get cold in any of the other breathwork sessions I did.

But the second I breathed a Money Breathwork™ session, the second I added in the intention of growth and expansion and upgrading into my next evolution (which is what the Upgrade Codes is all about), I butted up against something I was afraid of.

It gave me the opportunity to grow intentionally. To ask what I was afraid.

To give me the opportunity of healing something I really needed to heal.

To give me the opportunity to EXPAND.

Whereas before, I was just “feeling good” with my breathwork,

Money Breathwork gave me the ability to actually expand intentionally the way I wanted to. 

To not only support me in my health and vitality, but in my own evolution.


You can do this on your own.

But I guarantee that it won’t have the same effect. 

So I invite to experience it for yourself.

And I'm throwing in a SURPRISE for you!!!


11-day FREE access (normally $297) to the Money Breathwork Workshop with SIX different POWERFUL breathwork journeys designed to guide you to your next Money breakthrough!

Money Breathwork is my signature workshop covering topics like:

  • - The Power of Money Breakthrough

  • -Becoming Magnetic

  • - I am Worthy

  • -Transcending Mediocre Money into EXTRAORDINARY Money

  • - Your Nervous System and Money

  • - Expanding into New Realms of Money

This is one of the BEST WAYS to get acquainted with the life-changing power of Money Breathwork

Access will be granted TWO-DAYS after you purchase the Re-Wire your Limiting Money Beliefs breathwork to give you time to do it before you dive into the full program.

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